Park & Shelter Information

Park System

The Bismarck Parks and Recreation District owns, manages and maintains approximately 3,332 acres of public park land. Our parks are open year-round; however, some facilities are operated on a seasonal basis.

Park Hours

Park hours vary depending upon location. Please check for posted signage regarding hours. Restrooms are scheduled to open May 1 and close November 1. This may change due to the weather.

Park Rules

For your safety and enjoyment, we ask you to abide by the following rules and regulations in our parks/recreation facilities:

  1. Glass beverage containers are prohibited, and alcohol permits are required.
  2. Fireworks are prohibited at all times.
  3. Vehicles are restricted to established roads and parking lots.
  4. Horses are prohibited except at the Horse Arena.
  5. Fires are restricted to fire pits and grills.
  6. Posting of posters and advertisements is prohibited.
  7. Vendor permits are required.
  8. Discharge of weapons is prohibited.
  9. Pets must be on a leash, and please clean up after your pets.
  10. Hunting, trapping or killing of animals or birds is prohibited.
  11. No overnight camping is allowed in any city parks, with the exception of General Sibley Park and Eagles Park.


The Bismarck Parks and Recreation District does not carry medical or accident insurance for the participants of the programs. The cost of doing so would be so high that fees charged for programs would become prohibitive. We suggest you review your family’s personal health insurance plan to ensure it provides you with sufficient coverage. We also suggest you check with your family physician before participating in any Bismarck Parks and Recreation District programs which require physical exertion. If your physician should discover some factors that could limit you physically, please consider them when registering for programs.


For shelter amenities and photos, click here to view our Shelter Descriptions page.

Outdoor Shelters

The park district has many parks with picnic shelters. Some parks have smaller shade structures. A majority of shelters can be reserved. These shelters have picnic tables, concrete floors and provide restroom facilities nearby. Shelters are equipped with electricity, a picnic grill and have volleyball courts and horseshoe pits close by. Picnic shelters/buildings may be reserved for 2017 and 2018. Reservations for 2019 start on Oct. 2, 2017.

Indoor Shelters

The Jaycee Leadership Hall, Sertoma Club Community Center and Hillside Aquatic Complex are multi-use, indoor buildings that are open year-round and heated in the winter. The Sertoma Club Community Center and Hillside Aquatic Complex are air-conditioned in the summer.

Shelter Reservation Fees
Full Day $30
Half Day (8am – 3pm OR 4pm – 11pm)* $20
*General Sibley Park and McDowell Dam Recreation Area closes at sunset.
Full Day Half Day
General Sibley Park Amphitheater
(5001 S Washington St.)
$30 $20
Custer Park Stage
(320 E. Custer Park Street)
$30 $20
Sleepy Hollow Park (2899 E. Divide Ave.) $75 $50
Jaycee Centennial Park – Leadership Hall
(321 East Century Ave.)
$100 $75
   – For profit organization rentals $200 $150
Sertoma Park – Sertoma Club Community Center (300 Riverside Park Road) $100 $75
   – For profit organization rentals $200 $150
Hillside Aquatic Complex – Community Room (Located within Lions Park, 1719 E. Boulevard Ave.) $200 $150
   – For profit organization rentals $400 $300
Lions Park Community Room (Located within Lions Park, 1719 E. Boulevard Ave.)

Available now through May 31 and from August 8 – November 30. Capacity: 36 people

$50 (8am-11pm) n/a
BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center – Community Rooms
Call 751-4266 to make reservations for BSC AWC Community Rooms.
Rental of Room 1 or 2 $30/hr
Birthday Parks – visit our Birthday Parties webpage for details on packages.

Reservations must be paid at the time of reservation. Picnic shelter rain checks will be granted only if the scheduled picnic or social gathering doesn’t begin due to the weather. Rain checks may be received by stopping at the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District Office within 72 hours of the scheduled picnic.

Picnic Equipment Available

  • Volleyballs and nets
  • Bats and balls
  • Horseshoes
  • Frisbees

All equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis for a $50 deposit plus a $15 use fee. Equipment is for citizens who rent shelters from Bismarck Parks and Recreation District only. Deposit will be returned if equipment is returned cleaned within three days. Equipment may be picked up at the World War Memorial Building (WWMB), 215 North 6th Street, from 8:30a to 5p Monday – Friday. The WWMB is closed Saturday and Sunday.

Alcohol Beverage Permits

Anyone wishing to have alcohol beverages in parks and recreation areas must obtain a beverage permit at the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District Office, 400 East Front Avenue. You must be
21 years of age to purchase a permit.

  • Group Permit – $20: Valid for one use only and is necessary anytime 11 or more adults are present in one group.
  • Individual Permit – $10: Good for one person per calendar year. Valid from date of purchase through December 31 of the year of purchase. Valid for purchaser only.
  • Team Permit – $25: Valid from date of purchase through December 31 of the year of purchase.

General Sibley & Eagles Park

Please click here for more information on General Sibley & Eagles Park.

McDowell Dam Recreation Area

Please click here for more information on McDowell Dam Recreation Area