Arrival and Early Departure – General Sibley


  • Prior to occupying a campsite, all campers are required to register at the General Sibley Park Office.
  • Arrival during non-business hours:
    • Campers with reservations should proceed to their reserved site.
    • Campers without reservations must report to the General Sibley Park Office during office hours to register and pay applicable fees. RV campers can also register for camping by calling 701-222-1844 during office hours or by going to

Early Departure

  • Park staff may accommodate an early departure by processing a refund for any remaining nights (minus cancellation fee), including the night of the request if the departure is made prior to checkout time (2:00pm Central Time)
  • If the request is after checkout time, the customer will be charged for that night.
  • Requests must be directed to the General Sibley Park Office during office hours.