Featured Partners

Nishu Bowmen Archery Club – Growth

Curt Pearson from the Nishu Bowmen Archery club appeared before the board to discuss growth in the archery program and the need to consider a facility expansion. Nishu Bowmen Board Presentation (PDF download)

Bismarck Sertoma Club

Kevin Dykema from the Bismarck Sertoma Club appeared before the Board as the Featured Partner and Program and talked about the long partnership with the Sertoma Club and Sertoma Park, including a list of the park improvements and community contributions …
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Bismarck Bobcats

Thom Brigl, owner of the Bismarck Sports Group/Bismarck Bobcats appeared before the Board as the featured partner and program. The Bismarck Bobcats came to Bismarck in 1997 and played their first season at the Bismarck Civic Center. They moved to …
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Bismarck Horse Club

Chandra Schmidt and Tara Schoenwald from the Bismarck Horse Club appeared before the Board. They spoke of the Club’s history, number of participants and their events. www.bismarckhorseclub.com

Nishu Bowmen Archery Club

Bismarck Police Department

  The Bismarck Police Department and the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District work collaboratively and cooperatively to provide safe parks, trails, and places to play in Bismarck. The park district does not have park rangers or park security so the …
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Bismarck Farwest Rotary Club

Greetings Bismarck Park Board Members: For years Bismarck’s Farwest Rotary Club sponsored a small city park adjacent to the Capitol and our actual involvement was to plant flowers.  In about 2007 the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District decided to plow …
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Bismarck Gymnastics Academy

  Location: Inside Capital Racquet & Fitness Center, 3200 N. 10th St., just north of Century High School.Phone: 258-8956Email: bga@midconetwork.com Our Mission: To provide a progressive gymnastics training program which enhances the strength, agility, flexibility, balance, coordination and self esteem …
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Bismarck Figure Skating Club

  Contact: bismarckfigureskatingclub.com Learn to Skate, Advanced Competitive Program and Synchronized Skating Program. These three programs, offered by the Bismarck Figure Skating Club (BFSC), are designed to work harmoniously together and offer a variety of options to surpass the average …
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