Burn calories, improve strength, balance and flexibility in a fun, new way. You’ll be introduced to a variety of exercises to build strength from head to toe while you raise your heart rate with the added bonus of firing stabilizers that often go unused.

  • Must be at least 12 years old
  • Capital Racquet & Fitness Center or BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center Members: $48; Non-Members: $64
  • While GlideFit provides challenges to even the most fit individuals, the program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect fitness program for all levels, regardless of experience.
  • Participants should be comfortable in the water. You will have to enter the water and swim to your board. Clothing tip: Wear swim wear or other lycra-based clothing; no cotton.
  • Meet on the pool deck at BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center, 1601 Canary Ave
March 1-28    
Four 45-minute Sessions
Time Day Instructor Code
7-7:45pm Monday Robby/Sheila 11297
12-12:45pm Tuesday Kayleen 11298
7-7:45pm Tuesday Risa/Robby 11299
5:45-6:30am Wednesday Robby 11301
7-7:45pm Wednesday Katie 11300
12-12:45pm Thursday Risa 11302
7-7:45pm Thursday Robby 11303
8-8:45pm Thursday Ryan 11305
5:45-6:30am Friday Katie 11306
8-8:45am Saturday Robby 11304
11:30-12:15pm Fri (March 9-30) Lisa 11307

April 3-28     
Four 45-minute Sessions
Time Day Instructor Code
12-12:45pm Tuesday Kayleen 11312
7-7:45pm Tuesday Risa 11313
5:45-6:30am Wednesday Robby 11314
7-7:45pm Wednesday Katie 11315
12-12:45pm Thursday Risa 11317
7-7:45pm Thursday Robby 11316
8-8:45pm Thursday Ryan 11318
5:45-6:30am Friday Katie 11319
11:30-12:15pm Friday Lisa 11320
8-8:45am Saturday Robby 11321
7-7:45pm Mon (April 9-30) Robby/Sheila 11311