This program consists of structured water and nonwater activities for kids 8-12 years of age. Activ8 is designed to increase children’s physical activity, self-confidence and nurture long-term fitness habits. Our goal is that every child finds their niche in physical activity. It doesn’t matter if they are athletic or not, we want to inspire kids to MOVE and have FUN! Children must be comfortable in the water.

Age, Location, and Fees.

Date Day Time Code
April 12-May 19 M 7-7:45pm (Land) 21213
W 7-7:45pm (Water)

Parent Testimonial:

“Our son is currently in the Activ8 class and loves it! And for a kiddo that isn’t really excited about organized sports, we are loving that he is now excited about moving and exercising!   Thanks for offering that program!”  – KB