Basketball, 3rd Grade

Girls youth basketball is a recreational program that teaches participants the fundamentals, skills and sportsmanship of the game. Participants will learn through drills and scrimmages.

Informational Meeting


  • Aug. 22-Oct. 8
  • Teams organized by school.
  • Volunteer coaches needed.
  • Coaches will register for practice one day per week at the World War Memorial Building, 215 N. 6th St. Coaches will notify participants of practice times.
    – Mon.-Fri.: 4pm or 5pm
  • Games are Saturdays at the World War Memorial Building.
  • The 3rd grade girls basketball practice schedule will be posted online by Wednesday, August 17 by 5pm.  Check website for updates.


  • $60/player-if received on or before Aug. 5.
  • $70/player-if received Aug. 6 or later.
School Code
Cathedral 23019
Centennial 23020
Elk Ridge 23686
Grimsrud 23021
High. Acres 23022
Liberty 23023
Lincoln 23024
Martin Luther 23025
Miller 23026
Moses 23027
Murphy 23028
Myhre 23029
Northridge 23030
Pioneer 23031
Prairie Rose 23032
Roosevelt 23033
Shiloh 23034
Silver Ranch 23687
Solheim 23035
St. Anne’s 23036
St. Mary’s 23037
Sunrise 23038
Will-Moore 23039

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