Park & Shelter Information

Park System

The Bismarck Parks and Recreation District owns, manages and maintains approximately 3,433 acres of public park land. Our parks are open year-round; however, some facilities are operated on a seasonal basis.

Park Hours

Park hours vary depending upon location. Please check for posted signage regarding hours. Restrooms are scheduled to open May 1 and close November 1. This may change due to the weather.

Shelter Reservations

Outdoor Shelters

The park district has many parks with picnic shelters. Some parks have smaller shade structures. A majority of shelters can be reserved. Amenities at each shelter can vary. Please call 701-222-6455 to verify the following: electricity, picnic tables, grills, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and nearby restroom facilities. Reservations must be paid at the time of reservation. Outdoor and indoor shelters may be reserved for 2021 and 2022. Reservations for 2023 starts October 1, 2021.

Indoor Shelters

The Farwest Rotary Community Center, Hillside Aquatic Complex Community Room, Lions Park Community Center, Jaycee Leadership Hall, Joann Hetzel Memorial 4-H Building and Sertoma Club Community Center are multi-use, indoor buildings that are open year-round and heated in the winter. All indoor community rooms are air-conditioned in the summer, except for Jaycee Leadership Hall and the Joann Hetzel Memorial 4-H Building.

Park District staff opens these buildings for you in advance of your reservation. There are directions on how you lock up the building on-site at each location.

Full Day
Half Day
8am–3pm or 4–11pm
Outdoor Park Shelters $50 $35
*General Sibley Park and McDowell Dam Recreation Area closes at sunset.
Full Day
Half Day
8am–3pm or 4–11pm
General Sibley Park Amphitheater
(5001 S Washington St.)
$40 $30
   – For profit organization rentals $80 $60
Custer Park Stage
(320 E. Custer Park Street)
$35 $25
   – For profit organization rentals $70 $50
Sleepy Hollow Park (2899 E. Divide Ave.) $80 $60
Indoor Shelter Reservation Fees
Hillside Aquatic Complex – Community Room (Located within Lions Park, 1719 E. Boulevard Ave.) $225 $175
   – For profit organization rentals $450 $350
Lions Park Community Room (1601 E. Boulevard.)

Available April 1 through May 31 and from August 7 through November 30.  Capacity: 36 people.

$60 n/a
   – For profit organization rentals $120 n/a
Farwest Rotary Community Center (1021 Mustang Dr.) (New Generations Park) $130 $80
Jaycee Leadership Hall (321 East Century Ave.) $130 $80
Sertoma Park – Sertoma Club Community Center (300 Riverside Park Road) $130 $80
   – For profit organization rentals (Farwest, Jaycee, Sertoma) $260 $160
Joann Hetzel Memorial 4-H Building 3715 E. Bismarck Expressway Weekend Rental; $1,000; $600 per day with table and chair use; $400 per day without table and chair use.
BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center – Community Rooms
Call 751-4266 to make reservations for BSC AWC Community Rooms.
Rental of Room 1 or 2 $30/hr
Birthday Parks – visit our Birthday Parties webpage for details on packages.

Reservations must be paid at the time of reservation. Picnic shelter rain checks will be granted only if the scheduled picnic or social gathering doesn’t begin due to the weather. Rain checks may be received by stopping at the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District Office within 72 hours of the scheduled picnic.

General Sibley & Eagles Park

Please click here for more information on General Sibley Park & Campground
Please click here for more information on Eagles Park & Camground