Fore Seasons Center

Located at Pebble Creek Golf Course, 2525 N. 19th St.

Try the Fore Seasons Center for your golf, soccer and softball/baseball needs! The Fore Seasons Center is also the golf shop for the Pebble Creek Golf Course.


  • Daily 9am-9pm
  • To check the availability of the dome, see the Fore Seasons Center Schedule page.
  • The Fore Seasons Center indoor driving range closes 30 minutes prior to any scheduled event or facility rental.

Indoor Driving Range

Bucket of Balls

  • Small basket – $6
  • Large basket – $12

Bucket of Balls Coupon Books

(12 coupons/booklet)

  • Large – $120

Batting Cage

    • Reserve a batting cage.
    • To reserve a batting cage you must change the ‘activity’ from Toptracer Bays to batting cages on the second screen on the reservation form.
  • $18/30 minutes
  • $34/60 minutes
  • Coupon Books (12 coupons/booklet)
    • 30 mins each, $180; 60 mins each, $340

Terrific Turf Time (T3)

Toss a football, play some catch, play some lawn games, play some Frisbee, toss around a beach ball, play some soccer, do your own workout, chase kids or have them chase you.

  • Feel free to bring your own equipment or use some selected equipment on site. Please wear sport/tennis shoes. Cleats are not allowed.
  • All ages and all abilities are welcome at T3. This is not a drop-off activity. Children 8 years old and under must be accompanied by someone 16 years old or older.
  • $4 per person, with a maximum of $12 per family for each session.
  • T3 sessions vary, depending on facility use. View schedules for Fore Seasons Center.

Indoor Walking

  • Weekdays from 9-10am, free of charge, for walking.
  • Open turf field: Six laps equals a half-mile
  • Challenge track: Include the stairs and driving range platform, three laps equals a half-mile.

Birthday Parties

Party in the Dome! Invite your school, neighbors, friends and relatives. Large groups are welcome. Set up an indoor soccer, wiffleball or kickball event.

Batting Cage or Driving Range Party

  • 2 hours of party time (facility is open to other customers)
  • 1 hour of batting cages OR 6 large buckets of balls
  • Use of open turf field with recreation equipment
  • Reserved space for food and drinks
  • Party Fee:
    • $175 for Driving Range
    • $135 for Batting Cage

Group Rentals

Fore Seasons Center can be rented for parties, practices or events. Parking is available.

One Field Two Fields Three Fields
(150’ x 69’) (150’ x 139’) (150’ x 208’)
1-10 Hours $80/hr $160/hr $210/hr
11-24 Hours $75/hr $150/hr $200/hr
25-49 Hours $70/hr $140/hr $180/hr
50+ Hours $65/hr $130/hr $170/hr

Golf Lessons

Group or individual (adult and junior) by appointment at all facilities. For more information contact the instructor directly or call Riverwood Golf Course at 222-6462.

  • Tim Doppler, 701-226-5641

Golf Dome