VFW Sports Center

1200 North Washington Street • 222-6588 or 221-6815

The VFW Sports Center has two separate rinks and is home to a multitude of recreation activities: hockey, figure skating, public skating, curling, golf. Located near the facility are the Sam McQuade Sr. Softball Complex, Sheila Schafer Mini-Links, Bismarck Capital Curling Club, and Tom O’Leary Tennis Courts. The facility and grounds are surrounded by 2.4 miles of recreational trails.

Public Indoor Ice Skating

  • 1200 North Washington Street • 222-6588, 221-6815 or 221-6814
  • Rink 1
    • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 12 – 1:15pm (Ends April 26)
    • Fees: Free
  • So sorry – ice skate rental is not available.


  • Skate with the flow.
  • No racing or dodging other skaters.
  • No food on the ice.
  • No spins – both feet must be on the ice.
  • Be courteous to other skaters.
  • Always use caution – be aware of other skaters.