VFW Sports Center

1200 N. Washington St. • 222-6588 or 221-6815

The VFW Sports Center has two separate ice rinks and is home to a multitude of recreation activities: hockey, figure skating, public skating, curling and golf. Located near the facility are the Sam McQuade Sr. Softball Complex, Sheila Schafer Junior Links and Tom O’Leary Tennis Courts and Golf Course. The facility and grounds are surrounded by 2.4 miles of recreational trails.

Public Indoor Ice Skating

Fall/Winter Ice

  • Rink 1: Now-March 24
    Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 12-1:15pm

    • *No skating Dec. 30 and Feb. 17
  • Rink 2: Now-March 27
    Sundays: 3-5pm
  • $2/Individual; $5/family. No skate rentals.


  • Ice rentals: $85/hour (limited availability)
  • Dry floor: $40/hour; $600/day (hockey rink)
  • Curling Rink (VFW Sports Center): $500/day
  • Building: $1,200/day (commerical non-ice event)
  • Parking available
  • Reservations: call 221-6814
  • Click here to view schedules for Ice Arenas