Bismarck Parks and Recreation District has 50 playgrounds in 62 parks. The playgrounds are unique, have themes (music, monkeys, wild west) and are accessible to all. BPRD’s Matching Grant program helped six schools update playgrounds since 2014, too. We’re in the “Let’s Play” business!

Six new playgrounds, two additions and four replacements since 2014 have increased access to active play. BPRD themed playgrounds are unique, inclusive and fully compliant. BPRD’s Matching Grant program has helped six schools update playgrounds since 2014.

Here’s some news about new and updated playgrounds in Bismarck:

Brand New Playgrounds

Playground Replacements

New Playground Additions

School Playground Improvements with Matching Grants

  • Centennial Elementary – 2017
  • Northridge Elementary – 2017
  • Miller Elementary
  • Rita Murphy Elementary
  • Dorothy Moses Elementary
  • Solheim Elementary
  • Liberty Elementary
  • Northridge Elementary


Themed Playgrounds

  • Sertoma Park, shelters 2-3: Music ship
  • Sertoma Park, shelter 8: Monkey playground
  • Sertoma Park, shelter 9: Space ship and planet
  • Clem Kelly Athletic Complex: Spider and web
  • Igoe Park: Fire truck and fire station
  • New Generations Park: Wild West theme
  • 16th Street Park: Train theme
  • Sunrise Park: Battle ship
  • Normandy Park: Construction theme
  • Lions Park, shelter 1: Castle and stagecoach