Metal Detecting in BPRD Property

Metal detectors are allowed on BPRD property as long as the following guidelines are observed.

  1. Never destroy or disturb park facilities, natural features, or historical or archeological resources. No item which is, or appears to be of historical or archaeological significance, may be removed from the site at which it was found. Any such find shall be immediately reported to park personnel, and the area in which the find occurred shall be closed.
  2. Limit digging implements to ice picks, screwdrivers and probes not to exceed two inches in width and sand scoops not to exceed six inches in width and eight inches in length, containing perforations no less than one-half inch in width, to be used only on sand surfaces. Any holes dug shall be limited to six inches maximum depth and shall be immediately refilled and the surface restored to its earlier condition.
  3. Properly dispose of all found or recovered trash and litter.
  4. Conduct themselves with thoughtfulness, courtesy and consideration for others and not interfere with other recreational activities. An operator shall not allow any emitted metal detector sound audible to other park users.

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District owned and operated property where detecting is not allowed is as follows:

  1. General Sibley Park and Campground
  2. East Sibley Park
  3. Eagles Park
  4. Chief Looking’s Village
  5. Bismarck Municipal Ballpark
  6. Any athletic fields (soccer, softball, baseball, lacrosse, etc.)
  7. Tom O’Leary Golf Course
  8. Pebble Creek Golf Course and Fore Seasons Center
  9. Riverwood Golf Course