Activity Centers

Activity Centers provide summer recreational programming at selected elementary schools in a day-camp style setting for children entering grades 1-6. Daily games, crafts, projects and outdoor fun and movement help participants increase social skills and enjoy active play in a safe and caring supervised environment. Activity Centers have limited enrollment. Children may be enrolled at any site; they do not have to attend school at that location.


  • Must have completed kindergarten during the 2022-23 school year or be 6 years old by June 1, 2023. If your child is in kindergarten, but won’t be 6 until after June 1, 2023, you must register at the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) office.
  • We do not provide lunch or snacks, so please bring your own.
  • Concussion Policy

Dates & Times

Ages Dates Days Time
1st-6th Grade June 5-Aug. 4, 2023 M-F 7:45am-5:30pm
  • No program on July 3 and 4
  • Activity Centers close at noon on Aug. 4.
  • There is no supervision before 7:45am or after 5:30pm.


  • $500/child – if received on or before Thursday, April 27
  • $510/child – if received Friday, April 28, or later
  • When registering, the fee can be paid in one payment, or you may choose to split the payment in two. If the split payment option is picked, the first payment is made the day of registration and the second payment is charged May 15, 2023.



May 19: Online registration is closed, but in-person registration at the BPRD office is open. Hours are 7:30am-5pm Monday through Friday. 

Registration starts April 4, 2023, at 8am.

  • Step One: Register your child(ren) for the selected Activity Center site online or in person at the BPRD office, 400 E. Front Ave. Once your child(ren) is registered, you can then move to Step Two.
  • Step Two: You MUST complete the fillable PDF or pick up a registration packet from the BPRD office. Submit the completed packet at the BPRD office or email it to within 48 hours of registering. Submit one packet for each child. Once your completed packet is received, your child(ren)’s registration is complete.
    • Download this Activity Center Registration Packet (fillable PDF) to your device. Do not fill it out in a web browser or the information you enter will not be saved.
    • Complete the form and save it to your device.
    • Email the completed form to


School Location Code
Centennial 2800 Ithica Dr. 25379
Elk Ridge 4401 Ivory Ln. 25594
Grimsrud 716 St. Benedict Dr. 25595
Highland Acres 1200 Prairie Dr. 25600
Liberty 5400 Onyx Dr. 25596
Northridge 1727 N. 3rd St. 25597
Prairie Rose 2200 Oahe Bend 25598
Rita Murphy 611 N. 31st St. 25599
Roosevelt  (under construction)
Silver Ranch 4511 Silver Blvd. 25601
Solheim 325 Munich Dr. 25602
Sunrise 3800 Nickerson Ave. 25603

Junior Leader

Junior Leaders will learn the skills necessary to perhaps become an Activity Center Leader one day. A Junior Leader will assist the Leaders in organizing the games and daily activities, helping the Activity Center participants and helping prepare for the activities each day. The Junior Leaders assist the Leaders and learn leadership and problem-solving skills in a fast-paced, recreational environment.

Junior Leader applications can be submitted from April 3-14. BPRD staff will do a random drawing April 20, and applicants will be notified of the results.


  • Download this Application Form (fillable PDF) to your device. Do not fill it out in a web browser or the information you enter will not be saved.
  • $75/Junior Leader
  • Maximum of 4 leaders per site.
  • Junior Leaders must be going into 7th grade or older.