Toptracer Range

Located at Fore Seasons Center/Pebble Creek Golf Course, 2525 N. 19th St.

Play Like a Pro!

The Toptracer Range delivers the same ball-tracking technology that traces the shots of players on TV. The technology offers a fun, engaging, tech-driven experience that appeals to seasoned players, range rivals, friends, family members and even first-time golfers.

Toptracer Range Information

A Real Game Changer

The Toptracer Range provides instant shot replays and statistical feedback on interactive game screens in your hitting bay, allowing you to make swing adjustments and immediately see the impact on your golf shot. Games and modes are suited for all ages and skill levels.

Get the App

The Toptracer Range app takes the guesswork out of swing adjustments by providing instant, data-based shot feedback. Not only will you be able to store all shot data, you can also see how you rank against other players on the range’s leaderboards.