Holding Events in a Park

With dozens of parks and a variety of indoor spaces, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) has several options for public and private events.

Whether you have a specific date in mind and know exactly what you want or you’re just starting to think about possibilities, we are here to help. Call 701-222-6455 or stop by our office at 400 E. Front Ave. Hours are 7:30am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Public & Private Events

BPRD enjoys providing community spaces for a wide range of events. BPRD issues permission for a variety of events that are open to the general public. These events vary from charity fun runs to community gatherings. In addition, private events that include inflatable games, tents or canopies, music, extra picnic tables, trail use or other special requests also require BPRD permission.

Written Requests Required

If your event involves the use of an outdoor picnic shelter or indoor community center, please reserve the dates and space through the BPRD office at 222-6455. Then submit a written request outlining your specific request to the BPRD Executive Director at bisparks@bisparks.org or mail it to us. Include the place and date of your event and your contact information (address and phone). You will receive a written response from the park district office either granting or denying permission for any requests.


We would love to help you celebrate your special day! BPRD offers great indoor facilities, such as Joann Hetzel Memorial 4-H Building and the Farwest Rotary Community Center, but many couples are take advantage of nature’s beauty by opting for an outdoor venue. We have an abundance of parks and outdoors shelters that will make your wedding truly unique and memorable.