Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) has a long history of creating inclusive and accessible playgrounds. BPRD has 52 playgrounds in 63 parks. There are a variety of playgrounds with special features, including ramps, musical play panels, sensory input panels and sand and water features and are accessible o all. Many playgrounds have themes; music, monkeys, horse-drawn carriages and the wild west.  Find a special play space for your child to use their imagination and become an alien, princess or cowboy. We’re in the “Let’s Play” business!

Here’s some news about new and updated playgrounds in Bismarck:

New Playgrounds

Themed Playgrounds

  • 16th Street Park: Train theme
  • Clem Kelly Athletic Complex: Spider and web
  • Elk Ridge Park: Prairie animal theme
  • Heritage Park: Treehouse
  • Igoe Park: Fire truck and fire station
  • Lions Park, shelter 1: Castle and stagecoach
  • New Generations Park: Wild West theme
  • Normandy Park: Construction theme
  • Sertoma Park, shelters 2-3: Music ship
  • Sertoma Park, shelter 4: Bug theme
  • Sertoma Park, shelter 8: Monkey playground
  • Sertoma Park, shelter 9: Space ship and planet
  • Sunrise Park: Battle ship