Why Youth Sports?

All kids deserve a fun, safe place to play where they feel like they belong. Yet the average child drops out of youth sports by age 11, often because the sport doesn’t feel fun anymore — or because the options are simply too expensive for their family. As a result, these kids miss out on the lifelong benefits of sports.

Research shows that when children play sports, they:

  • Grow up healthier — and the physical benefits of sports follow kids into adulthood. Sports help kids maintain a healthy lifestyle and build lifelong healthy habits. Research even shows that physical activity is one of the least expensive ways to stay healthy.
  • Feel good about themselves. Sports improve children’s mental health and provide opportunities to develop social skills. According to a study, kids who regularly participate in physical activity feel happier, have confidence in themselves and learn skills like teamwork.
  • Thrive in school. In just one example, data shows that sports involvement in high school helps student athletes attend college and earn a degree.
  • Are more likely to succeed in their future careers. Research shows that students who participate in sports are more likely to be hired when beginning their careers and become leaders, too.

At BPRD, we want ALL children — no matter their ability, age, gender, race, ethnicity, family income or interests — to feel welcome in our programs. That’s why we offer affordable, FUN options for sports that help our community’s children thrive.