Memorial Trees & Benches


Did you know?? BPRD provides and protects wooded buffer zones in ecologically sensitive areas, supports community gardens and orchards, tree-planting activities (2,677 planted in the past three years) and an arboretum.  BPRD has embraced integrated pest management, is engaged in prairie restoration, xeriscape design, invasive species removal and planting native grasses, flowers and trees. Downed trees are repurposed for wood mulch.

Memorial Trees and Benches

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District’s Memorial Donation Policy (PDF Download).


Online maps of Memorial Tree locations are available.  Click on the following links to view the online maps: Arbor Day Tree Locations or Memorial & Dedication Tree Locations.  These maps offer information regarding the tree’s location in Bismarck, when the tree was dedicated, and to whom it was dedicated.


View the list of Memorial Bench locations on Bismarck Parks and Recreation District’s property.