Ice Skating & Warming Houses

Public Indoor Ice Skating

There will be skate monitors on duty during Sunday public skating. We cannot be responsible for accidents, so please be careful. No pucks or sticks. Schedule below subject to change.

Capital Ice Complex

1504 Wichita Dr. • 712-8918

  • Schaumberg Arena
    • Oct. 21-March 16 – Saturdays: 3-5pm
  • Wachter Arena
    • Sept. 3-March 17- Sundays: 6-8pm
  • Skating fee: $2/individual or $5/family.
  • Skate rental: $3 (sizes 9 junior to 15 adult).
  • Cash or check only; no ATM onsite.

VFW Sports Center

1200 N. Washington St. • 222-6588 or 221-6815

  • Rink 1: Sept. 5-March 28 – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 12-1:15pm
    • Skating Fee: FREE
  • Rink 2: Nov. 5-March 10 – Sundays: 3-5pm
  • Skating Fee: $2/Individual; $5/family.
  • No skate rentals.
  • Cash/check only.


  • Skate with the flow.
  • No racing or dodging other skaters.
  • No food on the ice.
  • No spins – both feet must be on the ice.
  • Be courteous to other skaters.
  • Always use caution – be aware of other skaters.

Outdoor Ice Skating

March 6, 2023: All outdoor rinks and warming houses are closed for the season.

Outdoor Rink Warming House Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 3:30-9pm
  • Saturday-Sunday and Public School Holidays: 1-9pm
  • Christmas Eve: 11am-3pm & Christmas Day: CLOSED

Warming Houses are located at the following parks:

Bismarck Municipal Ballpark

  • 303 W. Front Ave., 222-6636
  • One hockey rink

Jaycee Centennial Park

  • 321 E. Century Ave., 222-6632
  • One hockey rink and one pleasure rink

Lions Park

  • 1001 N. 17th St., 751-1827
  • One hockey rink and one pleasure rink

New Generations Park

  • 1021 Mustang Dr., 751-0690
  • One hockey rink and one pleasure rink

North Central Park

  • 830 Central Ave., 221-6875
  • One hockey rink and one pleasure rink

Solheim School/VFW Post #1326 Family Recreational Park

  • 325 Munich Dr., 221-3499
  • One hockey rink and one pleasure rink

Tatley-Eagles Park

  • 602 Airport Rd., 222-6634
  • One hockey rink and one pleasure rink

*No skate rentals available at outdoor rinks.

Outdoor Hockey Rink Practice Schedule

To schedule hockey practice on outdoor ice:

  • Team manager or coach can call Park Operations at 701-222-6464.  They must provide the following:
    • Team name
    • Contact name and phone number
    • Rink location
    • Date and time
  • Requests for practices must be made 48 hours in advance.
  • Practices may be scheduled at:
    • Any rink except Jaycee or Solheim
    • Practices at New Generations will only be allowed on Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7pm.
    • One practice per day per rink is allowed.
    • Practice time is limited to 1 hour.