Benefits of Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreation is essential infrastructure that helps make Bismarck a healthy, active and sustainable community.

Among the many benefits provided by Bismarck Parks and Recreation District are:

Economic Benefits

  • Retaining and attracting businesses and workforce to live, work and play here
  • Creating employment opportunities, including a first job for many youth
  • Increasing property values for homeowners
  • Attracting visitors to our community

Health Benefits

  • Improving people’s physical, mental and social well-being
  • Reducing health care costs for individuals and our community
  • Providing alternative and active transportation opportunities
  • Connecting children and adults with nature and the outdoors 

Environmental Benefits

  • Providing open space and habitat for wildlife
  • Preserving water and air quality
  • Managing stormwater
  • Supporting a healthy urban forest 

Community Benefits

  • Offering safe, affordable and accessible spaces
  • Providing quality out-of-school time opportunities for children and youth
  • Increasing social connections and learning
  • Creating a positive community image and sense of place