Swim, Outdoor Lessons


  • Elks Aquatic Center, 321 W. Broadway Ave., 222-6607;
    • Temporary Phone Number: 701-527-5706
  • Hillside Aquatic Complex, 1719 E. Boulevard Ave., 222-6419
  • Paul H. Wachter Aquatic Complex, 205 Reno Ave., 222-6614


  • Participants must be at least 3 years old.
  • Lessons will be 30 minutes each, from 9:30-11:30am.
  • There will be three, 2-week lesson sessions.


  • $40/child. No refunds. If inclement weather exists, instructors will hold classes in the facility.


No online registration is available. Please register at the pool you wish to take lessons at. Please call each pool for more detailed information.


Session Class Dates Registration Dates
Session 1 June 20-July 1 June 13, 11am; June 14-17, Noon
Session 2 July 11-22 July 6, 11am; July 7-8, Noon
Session 3 Aug. 1-12 July 25, 11am; July 26-29, Noon

Daycare Swim Lessons

These swim programs are specifically designed for daycare centers to enroll their little ones in classes together.

  • June 20-July 1: 9-9:30am or 9:30-10am
    Registration Date June 13, 9am
  • July 11-22: 9-9:30am or 9:30-10am
    Registration Date July 6, 9am
  • Aug. 1-12: 9-9:30am or 9:30-10am
    Registration Date July 25, 9am

Cost is $35/child per session.

See location details and phone numbers above.

Registration forms can be picked at park district main office, 400 E. Front Ave.