Community Orchard

The Bismarck Community Orchard is located at the Clem Kelley Softball Complex, 517 W. Arbor Ave. The Community Orchard location was chosen based on public accessibility, proximity to lower income populations within Bismarck, ease of use for educational purposes and supplying food pantries.

The Orchard was initially planted in 2015 with support from the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD), and Go! Bismarck Mandan Community Coalition.

The goal of the orchard is to provide fresh produce for the community and the Hunger Free ND Garden Program and to provide educational opportunities for using and preserving fruit from plant species that grow well in the local climate.

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Location map of where to find the Community Orchard.

Bismarck Community Orchard logo. A tree with hands.

Community Orchards Planting