Safety Village

Safety Village is a preschool safety education program that teaches children home, car, pedestrian, bike, fire and other safety topics. Safety Village is a child-size town complete with buildings, sidewalks, signed intersections, streets and marked crosswalks. Classroom instruction and guest speakers teach and encourage safety lessons.

Age and Location

  • Children who are five or six years of age by June 1, 2020.
  • Frances Leach High Prairie Arts & Science Complex, 1810 Schafer St.
  • All sessions require a minimum of 6 participants.

Session Dates Time Fee Code
1 June 1-12 10am-12 noon $55 17610
1 June 1-12 1-3pm $55 17611
2 June 15-26 10am-12 noon $55 17612
2 June 15-26 1-3pm $55 17613
3 July 6-17 10am-12 noon $55 17614
3 July 6-17 1-3pm $55 17615
4 July 20-31 10am-12 noon $55 17616
4 July 20-31 1-3pm $55 17617

Please do not register children who have attended previously. Enrollment is limited to 40 per session and pre-registration is necessary. A confirmation will be sent to you.

Safety protocols

We look forward to welcoming your child to Safety Village 2020. Please be aware of safety precautions we have put in place to keep your child and the Safety Village staff safe.

  • We will not be allowing parents/guardians in the building for drop off/pick up.  There will be a table outside on the first day to drop off forms and check in. A teacher or table teacher will then be outside before the start of each session to escort your child to the classroom. These teachers will also bring each child outside to you after each session. Dress your child accordingly for this drop-off and pick-up procedure, and also because some of the program takes place outside.
  • We will take the temperatures of our staff and each participant every day. None of this information is being recorded in any way, nor will be spoken out loud, but will be shown to the person. Anyone with a temperature higher than 100.4 will not be admitted.
  • There is hand sanitizer on hand for your child’s use.
  • There is a limit of three people in the restrooms on site. Staff will monitor this.
  • Please bring your own water bottle. The water fountains on site are closed.
  • No backpacks, please.
  • Participants may choose to wear a face mask. Face masks will not be provided to participants.
  • Please know tables and common areas will be cleaned between the morning and afternoon sessions. There will also be additional cleaning of the restrooms each day.
  • The traditional Safety Village graduation ceremony is on hold. Your child will still receive a certificate of completion and learn all about safety.

Table Teacher

If you are interested in being a Table Teacher please fill out the Table Teacher application, available at the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District Office. Table Teachers must enjoy working with young children and singing. The Table Teacher assists children with activities throughout the day. They must be going into 7th grade or older. This is a volunteer position.