Fore Seasons Center Schedule

Located at Pebble Creek Golf Course, 2525 North 19th Street • 223-3600

Group Rentals

Fore Seasons Center can be rented for birthday parties, or for team, school, or civic and professional organizations. Parking is available.

  • Must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.
One Field Two Fields Three Fields
(150’ x 69’) (150’ x 139’) (150’ x 208’)
1-10 Hours $70/hr $150/hr $200/hr
11-24 Hours $65/hr $140/hr $190/hr
25-49 Hours $60/hr $130/hr $170/hr
50+ Hours $55/hr $120/hr $160/hr

Anytime the calendar does not show an event, the Fore Season Center is open for golf.