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BPRD Organizational Chart – Approved 2019
Comprehensive Plan – Adopted 2018
2016 Annual Budget Approved 9-10-15
2017 Annual Budget Approved 9-8-16
2018 Annual Budget Approved 9-21-17
2019 Annual Budget – Approved 9-20-18
2020 Annual Budget – Approved 9-19-19

2016-18 Strategic Plan
2017-19 Strategic Plan
2017-19 Strategic Plan Report Card
2018-20 Strategic Plan Approved 4-20-17
2019-21 Strategic Plan Approved 2-15-18
2020-22 Strategic Plan Approved 5-16-2019

2014 Community Input Survey Results
2017 Community Input Survey Results
Facilities Study Executive Summary, presented May 2013 – Updated January 2017
2019 BPRD Facilities Master Plan Presentation
Feasibility Study Conceptual Planning Presentation

2019 People, Parks and Program Numbers

Awards – Local, State and National (Link to Award Listings)

Matching Grant Program

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District’s Matching Grant programs provides matching funds for facility, grounds, and equipment projects. In its 30th year, the program has provided matching funds for 469 projects with total project costs of more than $4.2 million. Applications will be accepted from Bismarck associations, organizations, clubs or individuals interested in matching funds to sponsor a project in a Bismarck Parks and Recreation District facility or park. Matching funds are awarded twice per year. Applications are available at our office. Call 222-6455 for more information. DEADLINES: Annually, February 3 and June 1 at 5pm.

Bismarck Board of Park Commissioners

Do you have a question or comment for a commissioner? Email your question to

President of the Board:
Brian Beattie


Term: 2016 – June 2020

Portfolio: Administration

This portfolio assignment deals with BPRD finance, budget, human resources, risk management, legal services, strategic planning, auditing, legislation, intergovernmental assistance and marketing.

President Beattie serves on the Bismarck Recreation Council, the Bismarck Community Bowl Authority and the Intergovernmental Committee.

Vice President of the Board:
Julie Jeske

Mark Zimmerman


Term: 2018 – June 2022

Commissioners Jeske and Zimmerman share the Operations Portfolio

This portfolio assignment deals with BPRD’s parks, open spaces, land topics, greenways, natural and interpretive areas, forestry, playgrounds, skate parks, disc golf courses, athletic fields and complexes, outdoor rinks, outdoor courts and both paved and off-road trails. Facilities in this portfolio area are General Sibley Park, McDowell Dam, Hoge Island and the Nishu Bowmen Archery Complex as well as BPRD leased properties.

Commissioner Jeske serves as a liaison to Sleepy Hollow Park Committee.

Term: 2018 – June 2022

Commissioner Zimmerman serves on the Forestry Advisory Board.

Wayne Munson

Mike Gilbertson

Term: 2016 – June 2020

Commissioners Munson and Gilbertson share the Facilities and Programs portfolio

This portfolio assignment deals with adult and youth programming, including all recreational sports, arts, culture, special events and special populations. Facilities in this portfolio include all the BPRD golf courses (Pebble Creek, Tom O’Leary, Riverwood and Fore Seasons Center) and outdoor aquatic centers (Elks, Wachter and Hillside) and the indoor ice arenas (VFW Sports Center and Capital Ice Complex.) Also in this portfolio are the BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center, Capital Racquet & Fitness Center and the World War Memorial Building and the classes and programs related to these BPRD facilities.

Commissioner Munson serves as an alternate to Intergovernmental Committee.

Term: 2018 – June 2022

Commissioner Gilbertson serves on the BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center Advisory Committee.

Executive Director/Clerk:
Randy Bina

Randy Bina has been with Bismarck Parks and Recreation District since 1988 and has been in the field of parks and recreation for 39 years. Randy received his Bachelor of Science degree in Parks and Recreation Administration from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and his Master of Science degree in Management from the University of Mary in Bismarck.

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration of the operations, capital improvements, staffing, maintenance, acquisitions and financial plans of the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District. His responsibilities include providing and maintaining a comprehensive public parks and recreation program in order to provide park and recreation opportunities for the community of Bismarck. The Executive Director also serves as the Clerk of the Board of Park Commissioners.

Randy is a Certified Parks and Recreation Executive and a Certified Playground Safety Inspector.

Randy also has a certification as a Professional in Human Resources.