Dog Park

700 E. Century Ave.

Please park in the parking lot west of Century High School and enjoy four dog park fields at Century Bark Park. The fields are gated and bags are provided for cleanup. Dogs must be leashed while in the central corridor of the dog park. Bismarck City Ordinance 3-01-01, Section Eight, declares the remainder of the Bark Park to be a leash-free area. See the dog park rules below. They are also posted on-site at the corner of N. 4th St. and E. Century Ave.

Daily 5am-11pm

City and Park Dog Ordinances (PDF Download)

These guidelines will help to ensure that Century Bark Park stays clean and safe.

  • Big Paws Field is for dogs over 30 pounds.
  • Wiggly Field is for dogs less than 30 pounds.
  • Fetch Field is for all dogs and owners interested in a training and obedience area.
  • Furry Field is for all dogs.


  • Must be licensed. License tag must be attached to and visible on dog’s collar.
  • Must be leashed while in parking lot and in central corridor. Bismarck City Ordinance 3-01-01, Section 8, declares the remainder of the dog park to be a leash-free area.
  • No digging.
  • No female dogs “in heat.”
  • Must not be aggressive toward other dogs or people.
  • Must be over 30 pounds to use Big Paws Field.
  • Must be 30 pounds or less to use Wiggly Field.


  • No food or treats in the fields.
  • Stay in the field with your dog(s).
  • Bismarck City Ordinance 3-03-05 says handlers must pick up and dispose of their dog’s waste.
  • No more than two dogs per handler at any time.
  • You may be held liable for any damages or injury caused by you or your dog.


  • No children under 11 years of age on any field. Children under 11 may be in the central corridor if accompanied by an adult at all times.

All People

  • Keep all gates closed.
  • No smoking.
  • No alcohol.
  • No bicycles, skateboards or motorized vehicles allowed inside the fence.
  • Use Bark Park at your own risk. Bismarck Parks & Recreation District is not liable for any damages or injury occurring in Bark Park.


  • Bark Park is subject to patrol and enforcement of rules by Bismarck Police, Animal Control Officers and employees of Bismarck Parks & Recreation District.

In case of emergency, call 911.

For police/animal control assistance, please call 701-223-1212.