These archery lessons are for the beginning archer or those with very little shooting experience. The focus is on basics that get students safely shooting and get a general feel for archery. The classes cover the fundamentals of shooting, emphasizing form and technique.

Dates Day Time Code
June 2-July 7 F 6-7pm 25795
June 2-July 7 F 7-8pm 25796
June 2-July 7 F 8-9pm 25797
Sept. 11-Oct. 16 M 6-7pm 25798
Sept. 11-Oct. 16 M 7-8pm 25799
Sept. 11-Oct. 16 M 8-9pm 25800


  • Fee is $40.
  • All equipment is provided, including bows and arrows.
  • Must be 8 years old to begin program.
  • Nishu Bowmen Indoor Archery Range, 1409 Riverwood Dr.
  • Code of Conduct