This class is for those who have completed Beginners Archery with either Genesis compound bows or recurves. You must provide your own equipment. The classes will check all bows, arrows, sights, resets, releases and all accessories to insure proper fit and setup. The classes will make sure all shooters are comfortable with their new equipment, and then concentrate on fundamentals and shooting form. Archers I is for beginners with their own equipment. Archers II is for intermediate archers with their own equipment.

  • Fee is $40. Maximum: 10 students per class.
  • This class is specifically set up for those new shooters having limited experience. Participants must have their own bows and arrows.
  • Open to all ages 8 and older.
  • Nishu Bowmen Indoor Archery Range, 1409 Riverwood Drive.
Session Dates Day Time Code
Archers I August 31 – October 5 Th 6pm 9857
Archers II August 31 – October 5 Th 7pm 9858