State Amateur Basketball Tournament

Date: March 24th to March 26th || Events

March 24-26, Bismarck




  • Women: I and II
  • Men: Class A, B, Commercial I, Commercial II, Recreation, Old Pro 35 and 50. A player must be 35 or 50 by March 26, 2017.


  • A player can only be on one roster unless the player is 35+ or 50+. That player is eligible to play on both an Old Pro team as well as a team in another division. The Old Pro 50 Division has an open roster and players can come from anywhere in North Dakota. The Old Pro 35 Division will be divided into East and West, with Highway 83 as the dividing line.


  • The tournament format is a two game guarantee. Divisions will either be championship/consolation, round robin or double elimination depending on the number of teams. The rule of thumb is the larger divisions will be a championship/consolation format with the smaller ones either double elimination or round robin. The NDABI executive secretary will make the final determination.

Location and Hotel Information:

  • Nine sites will be used involving a total of 19 courts. Legacy High School will serve as tournament headquarters along with gyms at Bismarck, Century and Shiloh Christian High Schools, as well as Wachter, Simle and Horizon Middle Schools. Courts at Bismarck State College and Hughes Education Center will also be used.
  • Hotel Rate Sheet (PDF download)


  • Teams may add players to their roster (pool players). Pool players would come from local leagues/programs whose teams have not registered with NDABI or who have not played during the season. The cost is $20 per player and no more than two pool players will be allowed.
  • High school players/students as well as college and professional players are not eligible to play in this tournament.
  • Players listed on any other NDABI State Association roster are ineligible for NDABI tournament play. This includes ALL divisions. Players may play in only one (1) division at state tournament time, exceptions are Old Pro Divisions. Player’s signatures will be required to determine if they sign more than one roster. If a player wishes to be dropped from the Roster he/she originally signed and all rosters are turned in, the Manager of the team the player originally signed must release that player in writing two weeks prior to the NDABI State Tournament and the Release must be accepted by the Executive Director. Failure to do so will result in the player not being allowed to play on any other team than the one he/originally signed with.
  • Pick-up or pool players: A team may not have more than two (2) added players. These players must be cleared through local NDABI officials with the Executive Secretary. They cannot change the classification of a team by their judged playing talents. NDABI ruling is final.
  • Men’s Team Classification: Any team which has a former Redshirt or College Player (age 44 or less as of March 24, 2017) MUST be classified at least “Commercial 2.”

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