Stroke, Spin and Stride Self-Paced Triathlon

Sept. 11-Oct. 20

Event Description

  • Competitors do not need to be a member of BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center to participate. They are able to use our facility for swimming only for the duration of the program.
  • Competitors will have 40 days to reach their triathlon goal. Work your way up to the Ultra Ironman!
  • Competitors will be asked to record their results on tracking sheets. The sheets can be picked up at the BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center.
  • We will rely completely on the honor system for all competitors when recording their mileage totals.
  • All competitors that reach the Sprint level or higher by the end of the event will receive a shirt.
  • Mileage may be accumulated indoors or outdoors.


  • Ultra Ironman (Double) – 4.8 mi. swim (158 laps), 52.4 mi. run/walk, 224 mi. bike
  • Ironman – 2.4 mi. swim (79 laps), 26.2 mi. run/walk, 112 mi. bike
  • Tinman – 1.2 mi. swim (40 laps), 13.1 mi. run/walk, 56 mi. bike
  • Olympic – .9 mi. swim (33 laps), 6.2 mi. run/walk, 24 mi. bike
  • Sprint – 750 yard swim (15 laps), 3.1 mi. run, 12.4 mi. bike

* 1 lap is down and back in the 25 yd pool.

Fees and Code

  • $30
  • Registration Code: 26186
  • Non-members are able to use the facility for swimming only for the duration of the program.
  • Contact BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center at 751-4266 for more information.