Open Gym

The Open Gym Program is designed to provide an opportunity for both youth and adults to use a neighborhood gymnasium in a supervised, free play situation. The Open Gym is FREE of charge.

The Open Gym Program is provided by Bismarck Parks and Recreation District, in cooperation with Bismarck Public School District.

November 7-8, 2020-March 6-7, 2021

Open Gym Closings

All locations are closed December 21-22, 2019

School  Address Entry Saturday Sunday
The following elementary school locations are for elementary age children and/or families:
Centennial 2800 Ithica Drive Door 1 1-5pm 1-5pm
Dorothy Moses 1312 S. Columbia Dr. Door 10 N/A 1-5pm
Liberty 5400 Onyx Dr. Door 4 1-5pm 1-5pm
Lincoln 3320 McCurry Way Door 4 1-5pm 1-5pm
Rita Murphy 611 North 31st St. Door 1 N/A 1-5pm
Robert Miller 1989 North 20th Street Door 6 N/A 1-5pm
Solheim 325 Munich Drive Door 2 1-5pm 1-5pm
Sunrise 3800 Nickerson Ave Door 3 or 6 1-5pm 1-5pm
Middle School Locations
Horizon 500 Ash Coulee Dr. Door 7 N/A 1-4pm
Simle 1215 North 19th Street Door 11
Basketball Pick-up N/A  1-4pm
*Basketball Court Reservations N/A  4-8pm
Wachter 1107 South 7th Street Door 4 N/A 1-5pm
Preschool Locations
Preschool age children only. Parents are required to stay with child. Older children are not allowed at this site.
BECEP Preschool Play Time at Richholt

720 North 14th St.  Door 11  


Other locations
World War Memorial Building 215 N 16th Street Main Doors on 6th St.
*Volleyball Court
Drop in Volleyball may be available. Please contact 222-6454 for availability.
N/A  1-4pm

These times/locations above are subject to change.

*Court Reservations

Only Bismarck Parks and Recreation District registered adult basketball and volleyball teams are permitted to reserve practice during the free Open Gym program.

  • Basketball reservations only at Simle
  • Volleyball reservations only at World War Memorial Building
  • Call 222-6454 to reserve your court for one hour the Friday (8:30am-5pm) preceding weekend play.
  • Youth travel teams interested in reserving /renting gym space during non-Open Gym hours must contact the schools or the World War Memorial Building.