Open Gym

The Open Gym Program is designed to provide an opportunity for both youth and adults to use a neighborhood gymnasium in a supervised, free play situation. Open Gym is FREE of charge.

The Open Gym Program is provided by Bismarck Parks and Recreation District, in cooperation with Bismarck Public School District.

Safety Protocols

  • Participants are asked to bring their own equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, etc.).
  • Participants should recreate with their own group.

Nov. 5-6, 2022 – March 4-5, 2023

Open Gym Closures

  • January 9: Horizon, Simle
  • January 16: Simle, Wachter
  • January 23: Liberty, Wachter
  • February 6: Horizon, Simle, Wachter
  • March 6: Horizon, Wachter
School  Address Entry Saturday Sunday
The following elementary school locations are for elementary age children and/or families:
Centennial 2800 Ithica Dr. Door 1 1-5pm 1-5pm
Dorothy Moses 1312 S. Columbia Dr. Door 10 N/A 1-5pm
Liberty 5400 Onyx Dr. Door 4 1-5pm 1-5pm
Lincoln 3320 McCurry Way Door 4 1-5pm 1-5pm
Rita Murphy 611 N. 31st St. Door 1 N/A 1-5pm
Robert Miller 1989 N. 20th St. Door 6 N/A 1-5pm
Solheim 325 Munich Dr. Door 2 1-5pm 1-5pm
Sunrise 3800 Nickerson Ave. Door 3 or 6 1-5pm 1-5pm
Middle School Locations
Horizon 500 Ash Coulee Dr. Door 7 N/A 1-4pm
Simle 1215 N. 19th St. Door 11
Basketball Pick-up N/A  1-4pm
*Basketball Court Reservations N/A  4-8pm
Wachter 1107 S. 7th St. Door 4 N/A 1-5pm
Other Locations
World War Memorial Building 215 N. 16th S. Main Doors on 6th St.
*Volleyball Court Reservations
Drop in Volleyball may be available. Please contact 222-6454 for availability.
N/A  1-4pm

These times/locations above are subject to change.

*Court Reservations

Only Bismarck Parks and Recreation District registered adult basketball and volleyball teams are permitted to reserve practice during the free Open Gym Program.

  • Basketball reservations only at Simle.
  • Volleyball reservations only at World War Memorial Building.
  • Call 222-6454 to reserve your court for one hour the Friday (8:30am-5pm) preceding weekend play.
  • Youth travel teams interested in reserving /renting gym space during non-Open Gym hours must contact the schools or the World War Memorial Building.