Volleyball (Coed) 4th & 5th Grade

Volleyball Coaches and Officials Needed!

If interested, please call BPRD at 222-6641.

Youth coed volleyball is a recreational program that is designed to teach students currently in grades 4th and 5th the fundamentals, skills, and sportsmanship of the game. Children of all abilities are encouraged to participate. Players will learn through drills, scrimmages, and games. Our emphasis is on equal play time, and most of all, FUN! The 4th and 5th grade programs have season-ending jamborees.

Information Meeting

League Dates:

  • Grade 4: February 1–March 20
  • Grade 5: February 1–March 27

Practice & Match/Game Schedules

Dates and Times

  • 4th grade will have one practice a week and 5th grade will have two practices a week.
  • Practices held at the school. First practice times posted online.
  • Due to gym availability, some schools may have different practice schedules. You will be notified through the school office and/or team coach.

Teams will be formed after the first week of practice and a schedule will be provided for the remainder of the season. Every attempt will be made to split the teams as equally as possible, when more than one team exists per grade at any school. If there are not enough 4th or 5th graders at one school to make a team, schools may be combined at the discretion of Bismarck Parks and Recreation District. Matches will begin Saturday, February 16.


  • Grade 4: $50/player – if received on or before January 15.
  • Grade 4: $60/player – if received January 16 or later.
  • Grade 5: $60/player – if received on or before January 15.
  • Grade 5: $70/player – if received January 16 or later.
  • Participants must play at the school they attend.

Please call the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District main office at 222-6455 to register for the 4th and 5th Grade Volleyball Program.

School  4th Grade Code  5th Grade Code
Centennial 21486 21505
Grimsrud 21487 21506
Highland Acres 21488 21507
Liberty 21489 21508
Lincoln 21490 21509
Martin Luther 21491 21510
Miller 21492 21511
Moses 21493 21512
Murphy 21494 21513
Myhre 21495 21514
Northridge 21496 21515
Pioneer 21497 21516
Prairie Rose 21498 21517
Roosevelt 21499 21518
Shiloh 21500 21519
Solheim 21501 21520
Sunrise 21502 21521
Will-Moore 21503 21522

* Light of Christ Schools (LOC) participants will need to contact LOC to register for 4th & 5th grade volleyball.