Signage and Marking Guidelines for Events Held on BPRD Property

Persons or groups wishing to utilize Bismarck Parks and Recreation District trails, cart paths, parking lots, or other paved surfaces for a race or event shall submit a written request to the BPRD. If the person or group plans to mark any paved or nonpaved surface for the purpose of delineating distance or providing direction should include, with their request, a detailed description of the type of markings and when and where such marking will take place. A detailed plan for any signage should also be included with the request.

If approved for the race or event, the person or group will be notified in writing including the marking/signage guidelines for the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District. Any marking on BPRD paved surfaces shall be done using the most temporary medium possible, including water based paint, dry or liquid chalk, food coloring, or other approved low durability substance. BPRD preferred marking method is chalk. Any signs used for the event or race should be temporary staked signs and should leave no visible trace once removed.

The person or group responsible for the pavement marking and/or signage will also be responsible for removal of the signs and of the marking, to the best of their ability, as soon after the conclusion of the event as possible. This time schedule shall be included in the written request. Costs may be incurred if clean-up is not acceptable to the District.

Approved by Board of Park Commissioners November 20, 2008