$2,354.84 raised for General Sibley Park Trees

Center for Technology & Business’ Women’s Leadership Program participants Katrina Hanenberg and Erna Jacobchick were given $200 in seed money and challenged to grow the funds in a philanthropic project of their choice in the Bismarck and Mandan communities. The duo had just over a month to find a cause and determine the best way to give back. Katrina and Erna chose to raise funds to help plant trees in flood damaged General Sibley Park and Campground. Katrina and Erna  raised $2,354.84 and helped plant 23 trees in the park.

Thank you, Katrina and Erna! 

A big check presentation: Martha Willand, Facility Specialist at General Sibley Park and Campground; Greg Smith, Operations Director for Bismarck Parks and Recreation; Katrina Hanenberg, Women’s Leadership Program participant and Facility Specialist for Bismarck Parks and Recreation District; Randy Bina, Executive Director, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District, and Erna Jacobchick, Women’s Leadership Program Participant. 

Troy Hanenberg assists Katrina Hanenberg in planting trees at General Sibley Park and Campground on May 11.  

Adam and Jeff Entringer, Hollis Stavn and Mike Hellman help plant trees at General Sibley Park and Campground. 

Thanks to everyone for helping with this project for General Sibley Park and Campground.