Board of Park Commissioners Brief for Nov. 19, 2020

Meeting Recap for Nov. 19, 2020

The Board of Park Commissioners received updates on the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District’s (BPRD’s) Risk Management Program and the Matching Grant program. BPRD’s Risk Management Program includes a staff driven Risk Management Committee that meets regularly to create a culture of safety throughout the district. The Matching Grant Program provides funds to BPRD partners to make improvements in or on BPRD property.

Statements of Qualifications and Experience from architect, engineering and planning firms to provide services to BPRD over a two-year period were approved by the Board.

The Board also approved updates to the BPRD Accounting Manual, Human Resources Policy and Procedure Handbook and the Memorial Policy.

The Board authorized staff to proceeds with bids for the 2021 Activity Schedule, for proposals for an ADA Access Audit and Transition plan and for the selection of consultants for various projects in 2021.

The next Board of Park Commissioner’s meeting is Thursday, December 17thth at 5:15pm in the Tom Baker Meeting Room.