Draft Comprehensive Master Plan for Clairmont Family Conservation Park Discussed at Public Meeting

Feedback Survey Open Until March 14

Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) and Ducks Unlimited (DU) shared the draft comprehensive master plan for the Clairmont Family Conservation Park at a public meeting on March 7. Development of the park, 117 acres bordered on the west by Clairmont Road and on the south by Burnt Boat Road, is a partnership between BPRD and DU.

At the meeting, DU discussed acquisition of the land through their work with the William Clairmont Family and other supporters of the nature-based park. The parkland, currently owned by DU, will be donated to BPRD for public use and enjoyment.

As part of the park’s development, DU is working on wetland and prairie restoration areas, which will provide the opportunity to educate people, through interpretive signage, about the prairie ecosystem and the importance of natural resources to community health.

BPRD reviewed the other elements of the draft comprehensive master plan, which includes approximately 10 acres of reforestation area, retention of many of the existing natural surface trails along with the addition of more trails, two paved shared use paths for accessibility, and several picnic shelters and natural playgrounds. At the southeast corner of the property off Golf Drive, there will be a parking lot and four-season community building with restrooms. The Sheila Schafer Junior Links will be relocated from the Tom O’Leary Golf Course to this corner of the park due to the expansion of the VFW Sports Center. The community building will serve multiple purposes, including the opportunity to offer cross country ski rentals during the winter months. The junior links, community building and parking lot encompass about 7 acres of the 117-acre park.

Presenters invited comments from community members in attendance and responded to questions. Bismarck residents are invited to provide feedback on the draft comprehensive master plan through 5 p.m. Monday, March 14, via this form.

BPRD will consider this feedback in finalizing the comprehensive master plan. There is not yet a timeline for completion of the park as planning is still underway.