Park and Playground News


What’s Up at Wachter Park?

205 E. Reno Ave.

It’s a sensory play space! The new play space at Magical Moments Playground at Wachter Park is a fully inclusive, sensory play space for kids and adults with visual, auditory and/or sensory-input disabilities.  Because we know that not all disabilities are mobility-related, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District created a special play space filled with unique sensory experiences that are tactile or auditory.  The play space has rubber surfacing and includes hiding spaces for those that get over-stimulated.  The playground is geared for wee ones ages 2-5, but can be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities.  Although other community playgrounds have sensory equipment, this is the first distinct sensory playground designed specifically and fully for that purpose. The playground will open once the surfacing is installed.

What’s up at Duemeland Park?

710 N. 35th St.

The entire playground was replaced this summer. All the work is completed and the playground is open for play! The new structure is geared to kids aged 5-12 and features a new swing set with regular belt swings, a toddler swing and an accessible molded seat.  The playground now connects to the sidewalk and the shelter with a fully accessible concrete pathway.