We put a pencil to it….


Did you know Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) properties provided zoo, museum and concert experiences to nearly 280,000 visitors in 2016?  And that 16 state, regional, or national championships and 33 trail events engaged approximately 30,000 participants? The annual economic impact from BPRD activities and facilities is over $34 million.

BPRD’s community connections create more diverse offerings and services to residents than BPRD could provide on its own. BPRD values 250+ partnerships and creative collaborations which form the foundation for efficient and rewarding joint use of public facilities, enhanced programming and alternative funding.  Partners provide 75+ programs – sports, music, science and art – on BPRD property.  Conversely, BPRD manages programs in 20 community facilities. All told, 826,911 participants enjoyed community recreation and leisure experiences in 2016. And we think that number may be a bit low!

Thanks for all the partnerships that help BPRD live out this mission: Working with the community to provide residents and visitors the highest quality park, program, facility and event experience.