What’s the Name of that Park?


The Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) Board of Park Commissioners chose the name for a new neighborhood park.

The park name is Horizon Park, and is located at 4800 Durango Drive, near the Horizon Middle School and Horizon Heights neighborhood. The park land was originally purchased in 1985.

BPRD has started the initial development of Horizon Park, which will include a transportation-themed play area, loop trail, shelter, outdoor fitness equipment, community gardens and open play space. The 8.8 acre park is scheduled to be completed in late summer. Phase II plans for the park include tennis and basketball courts.

Other neighborhood parks that opened in 2016-17 include Sunrise Park, Southland Park, Normandy Park and South Meadows Park.

Gravel base material placement over future fitness equipment pads.

Compacted subgrade for future trail.