Public Art Statement of Present Position

Approved by the Board of Park Commissioners May 27, 2008 with Revision Approved by Park Board on March 20, 2014

The Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) is, by its past and present operation, sponsorship, administration and funding, committed to providing and facilitating public art of quality and diversity which adds to the community’s vibrancy and identity.  Public art is defined as artwork in the public realm, which is accessible to the public and possesses aesthetic qualities.

BPRD has established this Statement of Present Position to set a framework for ensuring the ongoing creating opportunities for people to experience, through participation and viewing, public art in everyday life.

Specifically, Bismarck Parks and Recreation District strives to:

  • Recognize public art as a multifaceted field; from memorials and historical monuments to contemporary installations, performance events, literary arts, paintings, drawings, mosaics, parades, on-site cultural programs, films and/or video displays, graphic arts, crafts, art education and lectures, artist-in-residence programs in the arts and special events.
  • Make public art and artistic expressions available to the public in and on park district property.
  • Use public art as a vehicle to express our unique history, cultural heritage and legacies.
  • Educate the community about public art’s ability to enhance the quality of daily life and provide a sense of place.
  • Use public art as a means to foster the community’s sense of spirit, pride and community values.
  • Recognize public art’s contribution in tourism and economic development.
  • Provide an opportunity for artists to advance their art form and connect with the community.
  • Support all varieties and forms of public art throughout the Park District, using available resources and partnerships.
  • Recognize that the public is the final beneficiary of public arts.
  • Utilize both public and private support of public art.
  • Work closely with individuals, groups and organizations in providing public art in and on BPRD property, as well as in or on other public space.
  • Support public art with public funds and in-kind contributions.
  • Seek and develop private funding and new partnerships for public art.
  • Support the continued discussion of a strategy and process for advancing the ongoing realization of public art in the community through the establishment and the implementation of a Public Arts Policy, along with all the necessary procedures and actions.
  • Bring all significant inquiries or items needing further discussion and/or review regarding public art on BPRD property to the Board of Park Commissioners for authorization, expenditures and approval.
  • Finally, BPRD has supported and will continue to support public art programs and projects with available funds, with final approval by the Board of Park Commissioners.
  • This document neither reflects nor is meant to be a comprehensive public art policy which may include, but may not be limited to public art acquisitions, review processes, community input, artistic merit, placement, contracts, copyright, performance selection, commissioned pieces or performances, donations, financing, insurance, decommissioning, and other related public art opportunities and processes.
  • The Bismarck Parks and Recreation District will continue discussion with Dakota West Arts Council on their efforts to facilitate the development of a comprehensive public arts policy and make final determination of the scope of such policy.