How It Works

BisParks BCycle Logo

Hours: 7am-11pm Daily

Go to one of the four bike stations. Then follow the steps to check out a bike using the BCycle app. You must be at a station and checking out a bike to set up an account on the app.

Station Address
BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center 1601 Canary Ave.
Peace Park 400 E. Front Ave.
Pioneer Park 2020 River Road
Sertoma Park (near Sertoma Park Community Center) 300 Riverside Park Road


How to Ride: Pay in App; Choose Bike; Ride; Return Bike; Repeat

Returning Bikes: Firmly push the bike all the way into the dock until you hear three beeps and see a green light. If you don’t hear beeps or see the light, the bike hasn’t been returned and you are still responsible for it!

Bike Basics

BisParks BCycle offers two options: green classic pedal bikes and white pedal assist e-bikes. Both feature an easy-to-use adjustable seat post. A front basket provides a space to stow your belongings while riding. Automatic lights help keep you safe at all times of day. Three speeds are perfect for riding in the community.

Riding Tips

Follow these steps to make your bike trip seamless.

Inspect the Bike

  • Check brakes, tires and front/rear lights before riding.
  • Bike seats are easily adjustable. Open the clamp on the seat post, lower or raise the seat, and close the clamp again.
  • Problems? Re-dock the bike and call 701-888-1030.

 Wear a Helmet

  • We recommend you always wear a helmet when riding our bikes.

 Follow the Rules of the Road

  • Make sure to observe local traffic signs, signals and laws at all times.
  • Ride your bike in bike lanes, on shared use trails or on the street. Never ride against traffic.
  • Signal your next move. As you approach a turn, point in the direction you will go. This helps cars and other cyclists understand your intentions.
  • Do not ride a bike on a sidewalk. Walk your bike on a sidewalk if necessary.

 Plan a Route

  • Know where you will ride and where you will return your bike. Get the BCycle app to see the station map with real-time bike and dock availability.

  Returning Your Bike

  • At the end of a trip, return your bike to a station and push it firmly into a dock. The dock will beep three times and flash a green light if your bike has been returned successfully. Email and/or app notifications will also provide confirmation that your bike was successfully returned.
  • Call 701-888-1030 if you encounter any issues.