Baseball – American Legion, Ages 16-18

Competition in 2022 is open to players born on or after January 1, 2003. Only 2021 High School graduates may play for the Legion team if they played during the 2021 season. BPRD Age Rule: A player must participate in the Babe Ruth 13-15 League until they are no longer eligible to play according to Babe Ruth League age chart.

  • Parent Manual
  • Player Expectations
  • Raffle Winners
  • Governors: $440 + raffle tickets
  • Reps and Senators: $440 + raffle tickets
    * Each participant is required to sell raffle tickets.
    * Your raffle ticket purchase doubles as a family season ticket to all Reps,
  • Senators and Governors games for the 2022 regular season AND puts your name in the calendar drawing for cash prizes, too.
Age Dates Code
16 June 6 (practices) 23681
17 June 6 (practices) 23682
18-19 June 6 (practices) 23683

Bismarck Governors, Representatives, and Senators

  • To view the Gov’s, Rep’s and Senators schedules and information, visit


Rainout/Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, every effort is made to determine diamond playability by 7:45 am for day programs or 4 pm for evening programs. Please check the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District website ALERT bar on the front page of the website. You may also choose to “Like” the BPRD Facebook page, since weather notifications are also posted there. You can also call the BPRD information line at 222-6479.