A. James Silbernagel Memorial Park

4019 Platinum St.

The 4.88-acre A. James Silbernagel Memorial Park was established as part of the City of Bismarck’s Neighborhood Park and Open Space Policy, which has provided for parks and open spaces within new developments since 2013.

The Silver Ranch development was created by Chad Wachter and Jamie Schmidt of Investcore Inc. and the Silbernagel family, long-time residents and owners of the Silver Ranch land. The park is named in honor of Dr. Arnold James “Jim” Silbernagel, a long-time Bismarck optometrist and farmer/rancher who passed away in 2010.

Park Features

  • Electricity
  • Garbage
  • Nature-themed playground
    • Sand play area with sand table
    • Swing set for all ages and abilities
  • Native pollinator garden
  • Open green space
  • Trail connection to Silver Ranch Greenway Trail
  • Capacity: 40, Tables: 5 (8 ft.) (one accessible table)

Driving Directions

  • Take Centennial Road north
  • Turn right on 43rd Ave. NE
  • Turn right on Silver Blvd.
  • Turn left on Iron Dr.
  • Turn right on Platinum St.

map of park